klp_521_42inc (klp_521_42inc) wrote in hardcore_ravers,

KLP 521 42 inc. (speedcore/terrorcore/uptempo)

KLP 521 42 inc. - one-man project of Alexander Ritsland aka Poort, also a member of Vzyal Soundsystem, music-maker and a fabulous cook.. From 1994 to 1999 takes an active part in various kiev punk, metal hardcore, industrial bands ("Fucken Mind", "LTP", "Cirroz MK", "Pohmelniy Sindrom", "Musey Neprodannyh Exponatov", "Blunt", "Putrefaction", "Slaves Don't Die"...) as well as bassist, composer and vocalist. In 1999 gives it up and creates an experimental industrial project called KLP521 42 inc. (guitar, bass, drums, polivox, fx), the strange name taken from PC archive representing the band..s random digitalism atmosphere. In the early 2000 Poort takes it easy and KLP521 42 inc. becomes an ambient influenced noise project. In the flow he meets Serge Dubrovsky / Dubmasta and Eugene Stolbov / Trapper Pax, together they assemble well-known Vzyal project, in time renamed Vzyal Soundsystem. Besides running a couple bands Poort constantly participates in various art- and music- projects, studio sessions, performances, exhibitions, festivals and experimental soundtracks. Cooperates with Dmytro Kurovsky in Foa Hoka project as studio-man and occasionally an electro-scientist at live performances. In 2005 KLP521 42 inc. finally transforms into digital hardcore punk in its most sweeping gabba mood.

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